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- Le Forum procure une base de communication pour tous ceux concernés par la catastrophe du Tsunami. Vous pouvez chercher des personnes portées disparues, informer vos proches que vous allez bien, ou poster toute information nécessaire. Les lignes téléphoniques des diverses organisations étant très chargées, ce forum aide à décharger ces lignes et les personnes qui y travaillent. (http://www.tsunamiforum.org)

Portés disparus

Informations sur les portés disparus



Lonely Planet

"Lonely Planet has set up a bulletin board for missing persons on the Thorn Tree section of their site and many people have been posting information about tourists, locals and general information updates on many of the areas affected"

Par dernière adresse connue

Sri Lanka

From CNN:
Local residents: + 94 11 536 1938
Tourists: + 94 11 243 7061

LAcNet, December 28, 2004. Together with LK Domain Registry, Department of Computer Science & Engineering - University of Moratuwa, LAcNet has established a new website findthem.lk where people can register to request information about loved ones missing during the Tsunami disater in Sri Lanka.

Please kindly note that process of searching information of your friends/relatives might take couple of days.

  • Personnes portées disparues

Anyone with info on the Malwatta family who were visiting relatives in Sri Lanka? Mr. Malwatta is employed by Gulf Air in Casablanca, Morocco. Please leave a comment on http://tsunamihelp.blogspot.com

Kapruka Colombo office staff is volunteering to help you find information on missing people from the Tsunami tragedy in Sri Lanka. They will use all resources (regional offices, local phone network and access to missing people listings) to find you this information as quickly as possible.




From CNN:
Hotline: + 91 11 2309 3054

BBC site asking for information on missing people (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4130343.stm)

CNN site for missing /appeals is organized countrywide (http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/asiapcf/12/28/email.appeals/index.html)


To report details on missing children contact Childline 1098 or Don Bosco Anbu Illam, 25352101/ 94440 31098


For missing persons one can contact the Information Centre, Cuddalore Taluk office, 04142-295010, 295015, 98423-51000, 98423-45000


From CNN:
Government hotline: + 44 20 7224 2149


From CNN:
Tourist hotline: + 248 321 676


Liste des personnes blessées ou décédées:

From CNN:
Hotlines: + 66 2643 5262 and 2643 5000 

recherche des personnes non identifiées par description:


  • http://www.phuketitcity.com - base de données avec une liste mise à jour des personnes décédées ou blessées dans la région de Phuket.
  • Galerie de photos des corps non identifiés ( ([autre lien http://www.dinsormai.com/]) de l'hôpital de Patong, de la police de Kathu et de l'hôpital de Talang. Le lien est mis en place par les hôpitaux de la région de Phulet pour aider à l'identification des corps, la plupart d'entre eux étant des étrangers. Attention - les photos sont très réalistes.
  • http://www.phukethospital.com/tsunami_patients.htm - liste des patients hospitalisés, ainsi que liste des personnes décédées. Veuillez noter que les noms ne sont pas toujours corrects et qu'e certains hôpitaux ont tenté de classer les patients par nationalité pour faciliter leur recherche. Une traduction de ce site peut être nécessaire suivant le navigateur utilisé. La base de données est difficile à comprendre et ne doit être prise que comme une indiaction.
  • Bangkok Phuket Hospital (Phuket) - Call: 076 217833, International Call : +66 7621 1877 +66 7621 4492
  • Vachira Hospital (Phuket) - Admission des patients: Tel.: (66) 76 217293, (66) 76 217289, (66) 76 213784
  • Thalang Hospital: Téléphone pour les patients blessés: (66) 76 311033, (66) 76 311111
  • Phang-nga Hospital: Petients blessés - Tel.: (66) 76 412033, (66) 76 411616, (66) 76 411617

Missing persons


Location: Phuket
Resort: Unknown
Name: Tan Peng Cher Violet
Contact: Boon Teck
Mobile: +65 96666506
Email: boonteck@gmail.com

I'm currently looking for a close relative who is missing in Thailand after the tsunami struck. Her name is Francisca Cooper. She is caucasian, blond wavy hair, 1.70 mts tall, athletic, 26 years old, chilean, and was spending her honeymoon with her husband Mr. Aurelio Montes at the Princess Resort in Phi Phi Island. She has a small scar at the front base of her neck. Her whole family is really desperate, and we don't know if she's alive or conscious. What we do know is that she doesn't know much english, so we guess it won't be easy to identify her once they find her. If you have any information concerning her whereabouts, please write to the e-mail that appears in this page. We will also deeply thank you if you spread her picture by e-mail or other means. mcooper08121975@yahoo.com

Par Nationalité des personnes portées disparues


  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade http://www.dfat.gov.au/tsunami.html - Reports on numbers dead and missing.
    • Hotline for checking on missing people - call 1800 002 214

goddamn user name: smhguy

friggin' password: pass

(somebody bypass it permanently, please! get hackin'!)

We've tried - one from Melbourne Aus, and One from Canada, no luck. Keep getting the User Name password try again. But we should demand they make it a free, open page, easily accessible anyhow.

MISSING: 10 Australians missing feared dead, including seven in Thailand, two in Sri Lanka and one in the Nicobar Islands of India.

They include:

  • Melbourne AFL player Troy Broadbridge, 24, on his honeymoon. Phuket.
  • Cairns high school teacher Kym Walsh. Phuket.
  • Jim Sparrow, of Maddington, Perth. Patong.


  • Melbourne businessman Bill Stahmer, feared missing in Phuket.


  • 7 in Thailand
  • 2 in Sri Lanka
  • 1 in India


  • Australians concerned about relatives or friends should call 1800 002214.
  • Australians in need of consular assistance should contact the consular emergency centre in Canberra on +61 1300 555 135.
  • Australians in need of help in Phuket can contact a temporary consular office in Phuket's Hilton Hotel, at 333 Thanon Patak (Patak Road), Karon Beach, phone (+66) 76 370 672.


Congratulations for your efforts.

Please pass this information cause it can be very important for italian families worried about their parent in SOUTH - EST ASIA.

Link is also here: http://namct.com/news/index.php?title=sky_tg_24_italian_television_to_help_ita&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1 and http://www.thepoliticals.com/2004/12/tsunami_sky_tg_.html


All Italian people willing to inform their family or testify what’s happening in South-East Asia can send a short message

via sms + 39 335 6946399 or via email (Sky TV)

to Sky Tg 24, the Italian all news Sky television channel.

Good luck :)

Marco Montemagno




To check the list of dead and injured:

1. http://ems.narenthorn.or.th

Username: user Password: password

2. http://www.disaster.go.th

Source: Bangkok Post


Safiya Baharun is currently working on BBC news online in Cardiff. They are based in Wales and are particularly looking for Welsh victims of the disaster. If you have any contact details or any information on Welsh people affected by the disaster, please get in touch with her at "mailto:newsonline.wales@bbc.co.uk"


Par dernier lieu de séjour connu

===Par nationalité===