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Translation volunteers: you may use this space to work on your translations before entering them in the main wiki. Click on the appropriate link below, and edit. Once you are satisfied, copy and paste the content into the appropriate link here. Also, please feel free to modify the names of the links below to use the appropriate language. --Drauh 16:11, 5 Jan 2022 (CET)

Important note: Once you have completed your translation and posted it to the main wiki, please be sure to delete the in-progress version here in the workspace. --Drauh 05:57, 6 Jan 2022 (CET)

When editing, please use UTF8 encoding if possible. For example, see --Drauh 17:09, 12 Jan 2022 (CET)

Oh, one more thing: if you have trouble with the Wiki markup, don’t worry about it and just use plain text. Drop me a line or msg me and I’ll fix it for you. --Drauh 23:24, 12 Jan 2022 (CET)