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Requesting a translation

If the Google ( or Altavista ( translation tools didn't help you out, we can help you. A team of volunteers are working hard to translate the articles in as many languages as possible.

If you wish to obtain a translated article, please send an email to ( Please use the following subject line:

language: url-of-article

For instance if you want the text on translated in Dutch, use the following line as the subject of your mail:


We will help you asap!

Using on-line search strategies to find existing non-English documents

  • Puede buscar documentos en español más rápidemente si usa la palabra "español" en google: le lleva a una versión en español del periódico de hoy

  • Pour trouver des donnees francophone, mettez le mot <<francais>> en google: vous permet d'arriver à

Available Languages


If you wish to help us out in translating articles about the Tsunami (, here's what you do:

Send a mail to ( 
and use the subject "I want to help translate".

Please don't forget to tell us which languages you control!

Thank you in advance for the help!

Current translation volunteers: You may use the Translations:Workspace to work on your translation(s) before linking them in here.

Translation Contributors

  • Alicia (Spanish)
  • Angela
  • Anissa (German, Italian)
  • Claudia
  • Michelle
  • Neny (Indonesian)
  • Pim (Thai)
  • Ricardo
  • Robin
  • Véronique
  • David (Malaysian; translations coördinator)
  • Dirk ( (German)

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