The Lost World - A Poem by Vimal Vijayan

From Tsunamihelp

Alone I sat on the sandy shore
weeping all night for a World washed away.

I had a family which loved me and,
I had family which cared for me.

With all happiness and joy of life,
I lived along the shore of life.

Till then on a sunny morning,
when the Sea came with a song of death-
It came like a beast ready to feast,
Sounds of thunder and screams of people
splashing of water and breaking of hearts....

All was ended in a just second.
did'nt know what just happened...

Only knew that I was alive!
Around me was a pool of death
filled with people sleeping for ever...

The air was filled with cries of people-
and smell of death sweeped the shore
I fount my family sleeping, only to be seen one more time..

I cried to God, It was'nt fair-
why not take me along with them ?..

But I did'nt get the answer from the God
I felt lost in this miserable world..

God brought me happiness, only for a little time...
He filled rest of my life with roars of sadness.
I was drowning in the pool of sorrows.

All alone I will search for a world
which will remind me of the lost world.

        Vimal Vijayan
(Standard 9, ARR Public School, Trivandrum, KERALA, INDIA)