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Assist.com is now indexing the websites, forums and blogs that have information posted about people missing as a result of the Tsunami. They have identified over 400 sites already. Note: website's server shut down for upgrades.

The ICRC restoring family links

The International Committee of the Red Cross launched a website to help people obtain information about family members in the disaster zone. People in the affected countries can register on the site to inform their families that they are safe and well, and families can consult the list of people who have registered. It is also possible to search for names of relatives.
> The Familylinks search web: http://www.familylinks.icrc.org
> Other services listed by the ICRC: http://www.icrc.org/Web/Eng/siteeng0.nsf/htmlall/other_links


The Tsunami Disaster Forum provide a web-based communication base for all people involved in the Tsunami disaster. You can search for missing people, tell others that you are OK or post any relevant information to keep others up to date. As the telephone lines of all organisations are quite busy, this forum helps to discharge the lines and unburden the brave people behind: http://www.tsunamiforum.org


Words can not described how we feel about India's tragedy.

After the World Trade Center we built http://www.disasterid.com. The function of the program is to match found persons and items with those looking to aid in identification efforts, and:

1. Provides a platform for rescue workers to enter and house data regarding found persons and items.
2. For the general public to search said data for identification.
3. For the general public to enter and house data of their missing persons.
4. For rescue workers to search and match persons and items they found with posted information.

Interpol Disaster Victim Identification





Lonely Planet

"Lonely Planet has set up a bulletin board for missing persons on the Thorn Tree section of their site and many people have been posting information about tourists, locals and general information updates on many of the areas affected"

By Location (last known)

Sri Lanka

  • Website compiled by Sri Lanka Tourist Board to help families of visitors in Sri Lanka to help locate their friends/family - http://www.contactsrilanka.org
  • Comprehensive missing persons search site for Sri Lanka; especially for toursists who were in the island at that point: http://www.travelsrilanka.com/
From CNN:
Local residents: + 94 11 536 1938
Tourists: + 94 11 243 7061

LAcNet, December 28, 2004. Together with LK Domain Registry, Department of Computer Science & Engineering - University of Moratuwa, LAcNet has established a new website findthem.lk where people can register to request information about loved ones missing during the Tsunami disater in Sri Lanka.

Please kindly note that process of searching information of your friends/relatives might take couple of days.

  • Missing persons

Anyone with info on the Malwatta family who were visiting relatives in Sri Lanka? Mr. Malwatta is employed by Gulf Air in Casablanca, Morocco. Please leave a comment on http://tsunamihelp.blogspot.com

Kapruka Colombo office staff is volunteering to help you find information on missing people from the Tsunami tragedy in Sri Lanka. They will use all resources (regional offices, local phone network and access to missing people listings) to find you this information as quickly as possible.


Source: Locators Online - http://www.locators-online.org (http://www.locators-online.org/)



Missing Persons Site with Photos From Nagapattinam

Missing persons cell, Nagapattinam

  • 09443995056
  • 043262-221010/221020


  • tsunami.nagapattinampolice.info
  • tsunami.nagapattinampolice.com


Missing Persons Information

Information, all countries http://www.tsunamilocator.com/

From Anna University

The team has set up a “Missing Persons” help desk at the Collectorate in Nagapattnam and is operating mobile camps in Nagapattnam and surrounding talukas. The volunteers move with laptops and web cameras clicking pictures and capturing data of the “Missing Persons”. The data is simultaneously uploaded to the internet for easy access. Currently the database holds more than 300 records of missing persons and is still growing.

Incase you have relevant information regarding missing/ found people contact us at – emilansewa@yahoo.co.in or emilansewa@rediffmail.com or access our database of missing people at http://helpmilan.info[1] (http://helpmilan.info)

From CNN:
Hotline: + 91 11 2309 3054

BBC site asking for information on missing people (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4130343.stm)

CNN site for missing /appeals is organized countrywide (http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/asiapcf/12/28/email.appeals/index.html)


To report details on missing children contact Childline 1098 or Don Bosco Anbu Illam, 25352101/ 94440 31098


For missing persons one can contact the Information Centre, Cuddalore Taluk office, 04142-295010, 295015, 98423-51000, 98423-45000


  • via New Straits Times (http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Friday/National/20041231105129/Article/indexb_html): Looking for Martin Ivach Last known location is Penang. (Reproduced unredacted here.)
 Dear Editor, I am writing at the suggestion of a Malaysian friend 
 to request help in the search for a missing Canadian national 
 who was living in Penang when the Tsunami hit.
 I have not heard from my friend Martin Ivach and his Malaysian 
 girlfriend, Asia, since Christmas day. Martin is a Canadian living 
 in Penang on the beachfront; he and I used to work for Club Med 
 together. Martin was running the trapeze rig in Penang. I have 
 contacted Canadian Foreign Affairs and they do not have any 
 information yet but have promised to look. I also have friends 
 in Malaysia trying to reach Martin & Asia; unfortunately I do not 
 know Asia's last name.
 I would appreciate you getting this request to the public so that 
 if anyone has any information on Martin & Asia they can let me 
 know that they are well and safe. They can email me at: 
 robertsonglenda_ann@hotmail.com Thank you for your help and 
 please know that we are all thinking of you and are sending what 
 help we can as soon as we can. I had the opportunity to live in your 
 beautiful country while working for Club Med in 1994 and I have a 
 special place in my heart for Malaysia and her people.
 Warm regards, Glenda Ann Robertson 
 1280 rue St-Marc, PH3 Montreal, Quebec, H3H 2G1 
 hm: 514-931-1924 cell: 514-947-1030 
 email1: garobertson@lsc-canada.com 
 email2: robertsonglenda_ann@hotmail.com


  • [http://www.tsunamimaldives.com/ Tsunami maldives is a non profit free media news site run by volunteer reporters, writers and citizens from all over Maldives.


From CNN:
Government hotline: + 44 20 7224 2149


From CNN:
Tourist hotline: + 248 321 676


To check the list of dead, missing or injured:

From CNN:
Hotlines: + 66 2643 5262 and 2643 5000 

To search unidentified persons by description:


  • http://www.phuketitcity.com - database with an up-to-date list of the deceased and injured in the greater Phuket area
  • Photo gallery of unidentified bodies ( ([alternative link http://www.dinsormai.com/]) from Patong Hospital, Kathu Police and Talang Hospital. The link is put up by hospitals in the Phuket area in order to help identify those bodies, most of whom were foreigners. Caution - photos are extremely graphic.
  • http://www.phukethospital.com/tsunami_patients.htm - list of hospitalised patients, also list of the dead. Please be aware that patient names are not always clear and that there has been an attempt at some of the hospitals to categorise patients by nationality which may aid your search. A translation of this website dependant on browser may be required. The database is hard to comprehend and should be taken only as an indication.
  • Bangkok Phuket Hospital (Phuket) - Call: 076 217833, International Call : +66 7621 1877 +66 7621 4492
  • Vachira Hospital (Phuket) - Admit Patients: Tel.: (66) 76 217293, (66) 76 217289, (66) 76 213784
  • Thalang Hospital: Injured Patients Telephone: (66) 76 311033, (66) 76 311111
  • Phang-nga Hospital: Injured Patients - Tel.: (66) 76 412033, (66) 76 411616, (66) 76 411617

Missing persons I am missing German Family. Looking for Fritjof Gaude (38) and Sabine Klaila (39) and their 1-year-old son, Vincent, from Germany. (living in Hong Kong) I am missing German Family.

Stayed in Wanaburee Resort Khao Lak.

Please send me Information !

Rolf Brill and Katharina Hoppe-Brill

Telefon:  +49 30 386 41392
Fax      :  +49 30 386 44326
Mobil    :  +49 170 7945543


Location: Phuket
Resort: Unknown
Name: Tan Peng Cher Violet
Contact: Boon Teck
Mobile: +65 96666506
Email: boonteck@gmail.com

I'm currently looking for a close relative who is missing in Thailand after the tsunami struck. Her name is Francisca Cooper. She is caucasian, blond wavy hair, 1.70 mts tall, athletic, 26 years old, chilean, and was spending her honeymoon with her husband Mr. Aurelio Montes at the Princess Resort in Phi Phi Island. She has a small scar at the front base of her neck. Her whole family is really desperate, and we don't know if she's alive or conscious. What we do know is that she doesn't know much english, so we guess it won't be easy to identify her once they find her. If you have any information concerning her whereabouts, please write to the e-mail that appears in this page. We will also deeply thank you if you spread her picture by e-mail or other means. mcooper08121975@yahoo.com

I am looking for a person who was in Thailand, his name is: Jim Karas - anyone knowing anything about him please contact STEVEN CLAUSEN mailto:stvmugcl@msn.com

Norberto Leone is looking for Nerio Baratta who was in a hospital in phuket. Want to send their love and hear from him. IK2THS Radio Frequency HS/IK4MRH. Cell phone 335/7015625. Please contact mailto:nleone@libero.it

By Nationality (of person)


  • Daily updated news:
    • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade http://www.dfat.gov.au/tsunami.html - Reports on numbers dead and missing.
      • Hotline for checking on missing people - call 1800 002 214
      • The hotline number is 1800 057 111 govt assistance for funeral expenses, out-of-pocket medical costs and domestic travel costs...

CONTACT NUMBERS: http://www.dfat.gov.au/

  • Australians concerned about relatives or friends should call 1800 002214.
    • Please also call this number if you have confirmed the safety of a friend or relative previously reported as missing.
  • Australians in need of consular assistance should contact the consular emergency centre in Canberra on +61 1300 555 135.
  • Australians in need of help in Phuket can contact a temporary consular office in Phuket's Hilton Hotel, at 333 Thanon Patak (Patak Road), Karon Beach, phone (+66) 76 370 672.
  • HOSPITALISED: 7 in Thailand; 2 in Sri Lanka; 1 in India
  • MISSING: 10 Australians missing feared dead, including seven in Thailand, two in Sri Lanka and one in the Nicobar Islands of India.
    • Cairns high school teacher Kym Walsh. Phuket.
    • Jim Sparrow, of Maddington, Perth. Patong.
  • FOUND:
    • Melbourne businessman Bill Stahmer, feared missing in Phuket.


Congratulations for your efforts.

Please pass this information cause it can be very important for italian families worried about their parent in SOUTH - EST ASIA.

Link is also here: http://namct.com/news/index.php?title=sky_tg_24_italian_television_to_help_ita&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1 and http://www.thepoliticals.com/2004/12/tsunami_sky_tg_.html


All Italian people willing to inform their family or testify what’s happening in South-East Asia can send a short message

via sms + 39 335 6946399 or via email (Sky TV)

to Sky Tg 24, the Italian all news Sky television channel.

Good luck :)

Marco Montemagno


Who's still missing?

Let know your family/friends you're OK!

Link: www.nos.nl (Zeebeving)> Vermisten in Thailand




To check the list of dead and injured:

1. http://ems.narenthorn.or.th

Username: user Password: password

2. http://www.disaster.go.th

Source: Bangkok Post



Safiya Baharun is currently working on BBC news online in Cardiff. They are based in Wales and are particularly looking for Welsh victims of the disaster. If you have any contact details or any information on Welsh people affected by the disaster, please get in touch with her at "mailto:newsonline.wales@bbc.co.uk"


Sri Lanka List: Foreign Nationals Found (http://www.contactsrilanka.org/namelist.htm)

Missing image

By Location (last known)

Hannes is back in Sweden. You must never mor search to him

contact webmaster@fluthilfe-deutschland.de in case of problems

By Nationality (of person)



Courtney Popp has been located and is fine, she will be returning to the USA soon. Thank you so much for all your help. Our prayers continue to go out to all countries & families who have lost loved ones and those who are still missing.

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