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This page showcases some of the positive results the Tsunami Help project helped to bring about.

January 1, 2022
  • Ron Cavallo found - after a friend saw his photo on the Flikr forum (
December 31, 2021
  • Lori Gustafson (London) and Lindsay Francis (Seattle) are fine and doing well
Two more individuals, Lori Gustafson from London and 
Lindsay Francis from Seattle are fine and doing well.. 
their families have this to say to us:
"Thank you so much for your information. It is so nice to know there are so many people in the world who are still caring enough to take their time to respond to our request. We managed to conatct Lori and she is doing well. We wish you a Very Happy New Year." - Margaret Eastman (Lori's Mother)
"Thank you for your kind words. Lisa has be confirmed as safe. Please do convey my deepest regards and good wishes to all those who are putting so much time and effort to maintain this mammoth of task. We are all so happy to know that such amazing people live in this world too." - Lindsay's sister

(message received on the SEA-EAT-Volunteers list)

  • Melanie McNicholas found alive and well
yay, i'm so happy i could cry (i believe i am actually)
melanie mcnicholas, one of the first people we posted on the flickr page has been FOUND alive and well! ah. i love this job :-)

(message received on the SEA-EAT-Volunteers list from Santos, Flikr forum ( Editor)