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The UN is directing the rescue operations in co-ordination with the Somalian officials.

Contact Information


  • Siddharth Chatterjee, Senior Programme Officer, UNICEF Somalia.
    • Email:
    • Tel: + 254-20-623950.
    • Mobile: +254-733-617-923.
  • Denise Shepherd-Johnson, Communication Officer, UNICEF Somalia.
    • Email:
    • Tel: +254-20-623950/53/55/70.


OCHA ( (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs): OCHA is prepared to serve as a channel for unearmarked cash contributions to be used for immediate relief assistance, in coordination with relevant organizations in the United Nations system. For banking details, contact the desk officers indicated below. OCHA provides donors with written confirmation and pertinent details concerning the utilization of the funds contributed.

  • Desk Officers:
    • Mr. Erik Haegglund/Mr. Soichi Nakajima, Tel. +41-22-917 32 99/ 4034
    • Mr. Rudi Müller/Ms. Caroline Péguet, Tel. 41-22-917 3131 / 1836
  • OCHA - General: Tel. +41-22-917 12 34, Fax: +41-22-917 00 23, E-mail:
  • OCHA - Emergency ONLY: Tel. +41-22-917 20 10
  • Press contact:
    • (GVA) Ms. Madeleine Moulin-Acevedo, direct Tel. +41-22-917 31 60
    • (N.Y.) Ms. Stephanie Bunker, direct Tel. +1-917 367 51 26
    • (N.Y.) Mr. Brian Grogan, direct Tel. +1-212-963 11 43

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Hong Kong SAR

Source: Government of Hong Kong SAR Date: 30 Dec 2021

The Secretary for Security, Mr Ambrose S K Lee, announced at a press conference yesterday (December 29) that the Government was sending a 120-strong team to Phuket, including officers from Immigration Department, Police, Civil Aid Service, Auxiliary Medical Service and Department of Health, to expedite the search of missing Hong Kong residents as well as providing assistance to stranded Hong Kong residents in areas affected by the tsunami. As at 8pm yesterday, the Immigration Department's hotline (2829 3010) had received a total of 828 enquiries and 691 requests for assistance.

Of the 691 requests for assistance, 599 HK residents were reported to have lost contact with their families in HK. The callers in these cases were able to provide the personal particulars of the residents concerned as well as information about their last known location to the Immigration Department.

Of the above 599 residents, 348 have either reestablished contact with their families or returned safely to Hong Kong. There are 251 outstanding cases which Immigration Department will follow up. Amongst them, 197 were reported to be in Thailand, 7 in Malaysia, 12 in Sri Lanka, 6 in Maldives, 23 in Indonesia and 6 in other places.

For More Information : Relief Web (


Here's the latest Situation Report ( from Government of India:


The first meeting of the Group of Ministers(GoM) constituted for monitoring relief and rehabilitation measures was chaired by the Prime Minister on 28th December 2004 . The Prime Minister desired that an integrated action plan for Andaman and Nicobar Islands be prepared and district-wise plans for the affected districts in the mainland States be finalised. It was also desired that action be taken to ensure that there was no spread of epidemics in the affected areas. The need for proper briefing of media was emphasized so that all the information reaches the public. An assistance of Rs. 100 crore for Sri Lanka and Rs.5 crore for Maldives was announced. The financial institutions have been directed to provide soft loan for recovery and rehabilitation in the affected areas. It was stressed that all the relief requirements for Andaman and Nicobar should be met on top priority. Aftershocks are continuing in A & N Islands . Three aftershocks were experienced at 0710 hours (5.7 Mw), 0721 hours (6.1 Mw) and 0744 hours (5.4 Mw)

Aid efforts by Indian Railways

Source: Railway minister Lalu Prasad today said Indian Railways would carry all relief provisions for tsunami victims free of cost. Railway employees across the country would donate their one day's salary amounting to Rs 15 crore as contribution to Prime Minister's Relief Fund

Support for Kerala

Source: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today announced for Kerala Rs 100 crore assistance to tide over tsunami disaster out of the Rs.500 crore sanctioned by the Centre for relief and rehabilitation work in tsunami-hit states.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • The Campbell Bay Airstrip in Andaman & Nicobar has been made operational ( so that relief flights can land there.

Andhra Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh government has sanctioned Rs two crore for assistance to families affected by tsunami. Chief Minister and his ministerial colleagues have announced donation of a day's salary for relief to the affected families.If necessary, teams of doctors, medicines, clothes, blanket and other relief material would be sent.




News article

Excerpts: Chief Minister of Punjab has announced an aid of Rs. 10 crores to the Prime minister's relief fund. Also consignment of light bedding, clothing and ration to be sent. MLA's and state ministers to donate one month's salary adding to Rs. 44.55 lakhs in addition to the above amount. He has also appealed employees of the state government to donate a day's salary.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu (India) Govt. Directive on Relief Material New Delhi, Dec. 30 (PTI): The Tamil Nadu Government said today that all consignments of relief material for tsumani victims in the State should be despatched to Joint Commissioner (Relief) A Chatterjee.

A State Government communication said the relief materials should be despatched to Joint Commissioner, Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation, Virugambakkam, Chennai. Source: The Hindu (

  • The UNICEF has launched a massive campaign on an emergency footing to immunize about 115,000 children against measles and vitamin-A deficiency in Tsunami-hit areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
    • "Measles is a deadly threat to children living in crowded camps. It spreads quickly, killing children, or severely weakening their immune systems. Those children are then too weak to fight off other diseases," said Marzio Babile, UNICEF's Chief of Health in India, today.
    • 100,000 children in Tamil Nadu will be immunized in Tamil Nadu, one of the worst-hit areas, and 15,000 in Kerala during one-week period, she said.
    • The decision to go ahead with an immunization campaign, which would be conducted at relief camps in 11 districts in Tamil Nadu and three districts of Kerala, was taken by the by Central and the state governments with support from UNICEF and WHO.
    • Source: The Hindu


Highlights from Harian Pelita, Indonesia (30 December 2021)

Indonesian Authorities Give Access to Foreign Volunteers..

Doctors, technicians and social workers including diplomats will be given visa on arrival upon their arrival to Medan.

According to the spokesman of the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs (Deplu) , Yuri Thamrin cargo flights from overseas will arrive in Medan or Bandara Iskandar Muda, Banda Aceh. They will have to get flight clearance from Deplu who will work closely with Mabes and Dephub.

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Aceh in Indonesia, the stretch closest to the quake's epicenter, is possibly the worst affected amongst all and is now reporting over 35,000 dead and thousands more missing.

All the more ironic that the land most devastated, is now the least approachable.

The province of Aceh has been largely inaccessible to the world over the past few years due to a raging civil war and stringent government restrictions on foreigners including aid workers and journalists. However, as the unimaginable scale of the disaster is becoming clear, the mass of red tape is being loosened and humanitarian agencies are being allowed to move in. Making aid doubly difficult is the hostile terrain, which still has massive stretches of coastline buried in mud and water, thus cutting off roads, radio and all kinds of communication.

All aid is thus only through government bodies, relief agencies, NGOs and other corporates. I realize there is little knowledge of who is to be contacted and how donations can be made, so I have listed here some details obtained from local ministries and news agencies.

Readers, please pass this information to friends and family in Indonesia or to other Indonesians living abroad, so aid can reach the victims faster.

Aceh Media Centre ( A medium to channel all concerns and support to the Aceh Earthquake/Tsunami Victims and Survivors

1) Government of Indonesia Bank Account in BI - Bank Indonesia Account Numbers for various currencies are as follows :

510.000.272 (Indonesian Rupiah) 602.074.411 (United States Dollars) 602.075.111( Japanese Yen) 602.075.991 (Euro)

2) Indonesian Red Cross Society Bank Account in Lippo Slipi Branch In the name of : Indonesian Red Cross Society / Palang Merah Account Number :746-30-05218-4

3)Coordinator of Peoples Welfare; Republic of Indonesia Bank account in BNI Harmoni In the name of I Nyoman Meweh, Head of Welfare Bureau Account Number: 07 000 311 2717 911

4) Indosiar Bank account in BCA In the name of: Indosiar Account Number: 001 - 304 - 0009

5) RCTI Bank account in BCA In the name of: RCTI Account Number: 128 - 300 -7000

As with all affected areas, what is urgently needed to aid the living is food, formula milk for babies, fresh water, medicines, clothes, blankets, mosquito repellant and generator sets. Ironically, the dead are demanding too. As soldiers and volunteers collect thousands of rotting corpses for mass burials, they face a desperate shortage of body bags and cemetery tools.

Anyone who would like to provide assistance in kind, donations and contributions can be directly delivered to :

The National Coordinating Agency for Natural Disaster and Refugees Relief (Bakornas PBP). Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 36 Jakarta Pusat 10110 Tel. (62-21) 3458400 Fax. (62-21) 3505075/3458500 Contact Person: Mr. Sugeng (cellphone: +628164850361)

You may also contact any of the following private volunteers at the given numbers and your donations will be packed and flown across to Aceh.

Anupama : 62-812-8230287 (Mobile) Anggie: 62-811-967058 (Mobile) Mallika: 62-812-1005243 (Mobile)

Also, Wahana Cargo based in Jakarta has volunteered to courier aid for free to Aceh. They will pick up cargo from donors in greater Jakarta and deliver them to Halim Perdanakusumah Airport wherefrom there are scheduled Hercules trips at various times of the day. They can be contacted at the following address:

Wahana Cargo Jln H Sidik, 88 Rempoa, South Jakarta. Tel: 62-812-1131688 and 62-811-856900

It is difficult to make sense of the morbid abstracts which emerge from a tragedy so real -- millions displaced, thousands dead, hundreds missing. Soon these numbers will numb us and even a doubling of these figures wont be anything more than a mere statistic for most of us. The danger we face is in losing touch with the goodness of our hearts, for sympathy is a myopic emotion, not to mention highly treacherous. As severe as it is in the initial thrust, its grip only grows feeble with the passing of time.

Let us yield to our urgent impulses and give without restraint. Let us not allow our solidarity to fade with the shift in headlines.


Donations/Relief Funds Information for Malaysians

Malaysians can make their donations to the “National Disaster Fund” managed by the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee headed by the Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, as well as the various Humanitarian Fund for relief efforts in the northern part of Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India, by following the information at any of the websites below:

Also note that the AMP Tsunami 26/12 appeal, where you can sent your donation via SMS, has closed, midnight 31 December 2004. More info here (

Malaysia is one of the richest (if not the richest) tsunami-hit nations. But our destruction and the number of deaths can be described as insignificant compared to the other nations, especially the neighbouring Aceh province of Sumatra in Indonesia, which sheltered Peninsular Malaysia from the full force of nature.

We are indeed lucky. Feel it in your heart to think of the other less fortunate Malaysians and the people in the other nations (, and give generously.

Courtesy: travel blog (


National Disaster Management Center (clearinghouse) -


30/12/2021 MFA Press Statement: Update on Aftermath of Earthquake and Tsunami

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sending more officers to join its consular teams in affected areas to locate missing or uncontactable Singaporeans and to render assistance to those who are stranded.

We continue to make progress in locating Singaporeans. In Phuket, yesterday we have contacted another 141 Singaporeans, bringing the total to 863 as at 1600 hours today. 144 Singaporeans remain uncontacted in Phuket and 83 in the other affected areas.

We also have confirmation of seven deaths, five in Phuket, one in Sri Lanka and one in India, the latter is the 13 year-old girl mentioned in yesterday's statement.

The status of Singaporeans affected by the earthquake and tsunamis are reflected in the attached table [1] (

We request relatives and friends of Singaporeans who were known to have travelled to the disaster-stricken areas and were earlier uncontactable but who have since succeeded in making contact with them to call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24-hour Duty Office (Tel: 63320000) to give details of their whereabouts. This will greatly assist the Ministry's efforts.


Sri Lanka

North East Srilanka - Relief Efforts -- From a Blog Reader --- (North East Srilanka is not under Government Control)

Urgent Appeal for Humanitarian Assistance 8000 Dead and 500,000 Displaced in northeast of the Island of Sri Lanka

The Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation is engaged in the task of providing food, medical help, transport, temporary shelters and other urgent humanitarian assistance for the hundreds of thousands of the displaced. However, the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis that we are faced with is such that we need the urgent support of the international community and the generous and immediate support of our Tamil brothers and sisters living in many lands. (


Contact Information

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Coordinating Center MFA Coordinating Centre (

  • Bangkok: 66-2643-5262 or 66-2643-5000 Ext. 5003, 5502 Fax. 66-2643-5256
  • Phuket: 66-7622-0459 Fax 66-7622-0361
  • Travel Documents Centers (Don Muang Airport): Tel. 66-2504-3845-61


  • Phuket: +66-7621-6101 and +66-7621-1001
  • Phang Nga: +66-7641-1525 and +66-7641-1179
  • Krabi: +66-7561-1302 and +66-7652-4161
  • Trang: +66-7521-4382
  • Satun: +66-7472-2121 and +66-7472-2296
  • Ranong: +66-7781-3401 and +66-7782-3257

Govt. and other resources


Donations can be made through MFA's account :

A/C 002-6-18400-1
Krung Thai Bank, Sam Yod Branch

News Updates

Updated by : balak 12:25, 16 Jan 2022 (CET)

Prime Minster Thaksin Shinawatra estimated the cost of the damage at 20 billion baht ($510 million) and said the government would seek additional funds from parliament for the disaster.

Tourism accounts for 6% of Thailand's gross domestic product and the tsunami, which has killed more than 1,400 people in Thailand and more than 38,000 in Asia, has hit tourism-related stocks and rattled the baht. morehere

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  • news updates ( but this Jlem Post site limits research; Feb 1st is a national day of fund-raising ( from an Israeli NGO ( sending medical teams to Sri Lanka. Another Israeli NGO ( pledges to send food that is spicey enough for Sri Lankans, along with 120+ tons of supplies.


Support for Australian nationals

  • Tsunami Assist Page Official government website. The site provides information on announced the Australian government's package of measures to assist Australians affected by the December 2004 Tsunami.

Financial support for relief efforts

  • AusAid Tsunami Information Page As at December 31 2004 total official Australian contributions to relief efforts amount to $60 million.

  • From the Australian Broadcasting Commission


The Federal Government has announced a further $25 million in emergency relief to help tsunami-affected nations in Asia.Australia will also give $5 million in aid to Sri Lanka, while another $5 million will be donated to agencies.The remainder of the new spending will support the relief efforts in Thailand and the Maldives.The Government's overall contribution to emergency aid in the wake of the tsunami now totals $35 million.Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has indicated Australia will offer further aid as needed.



For helplines, see the section titled Helpline Numbers


Switzerland has already sent $2 million to help rebuild. They are helping to rebuild the infastructure of the countries while the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA) has sent many people to help. Much more information is available at

North America


organizations accepting contributions

The Canadian government has established a web page (

2004 now has 376 days!

Note that the government is matching donations ( made to select charitable organizations through January 11, 2022 and has also announced ( that donations made before January 11 can be counted as donations for the 2004 tax year.

United States

Fraud warnings

  • 13 Jan 2022 phish fraud story (, which warns about clicking on a rigged hypertext link in a bogus email. It's better to type in web addresses yourself than to get them from clicking on links embedded in your email.
  • 5 Jan 2022 non-specific FBI warning ( of tsunami scams, referenced from Microsoft's warning page (

Travellers and ex-pats

Pacific Fleet

  • A Navy hospital ship (, the Mercy, is set to arrive off the coast of Indonesia within two days to assist the Asian tsunami recovery effort. It carries as many as 1,000 hospital beds and has 12 operating rooms, with about 275 medics and medical support workers. The ship, based in San Diego, left Singapore yesterday, Cmdr. Mark McDonald, a Navy spokesman, said in a telephone interview from Jakarta, according to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune By Todd Zeranski via BLOOMBERG NEWS SERVICE on February 2, 2005.

The U.S. military is still delivering food and water, as well as equipment needed for the emergency from a fleet of about a dozen ships and around 50 planes and helicopters. The United States has reduced its presence in the region to about 10,000 soldiers, sailors and Marines, from 15,000 after the Dec. 26 tsunami.

2004 now has 13 months!

  •,,id=133273,00.html Contributions are deductible for the year in which they are actually made. However, under a new law enacted on Jan. 7, donors who itemize are allowed to claim on their 2004 tax returns charitable donations made during Jan. 2005 for the relief of the tsunami victims.
  • listing ( of NGO's (non-governmental organizations) from
  • $12M+ ( from the (Jewish) Joint Distribution Committee (, a US-based, non-sectarian ( provider of services ( to refugees since 1914 (
  • Until 31 Jan surfaid ( donations will go to tsunami relief; afterwards, they will be applied to other programs (from my 28 Jan phone conversation with their webmaster in San Diego)
US Corporations that provide matching contributions for donations
  • google search ( gives 7,830 possible links
  • AllState ( no upper limit for matching of employee AND agent contributions
  • Microsoft's pledge ( includes $2 million in immediate corporate contributions to local and international relief agencies. The company projects that its matching of employee charitable contributions worldwide will provide an additional $1.5 million in corporate donations to relief agencies.
  • QualCommemployee ( Matching Grant Program
Regional Donations tallied
  • 1/26/2005 U.S Charities ( have raised $597-Million
  • 1/27/2005 San Diegans ( have contributed $3M+, which includes $100,000+ ( from the local paper for medical relief; QualComm has contributed $1M+ ( on top of this. The Indian Nations UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund has announced ( a combined donation of $100,000 from The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians, the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation , and the Barona Band of Mission Indians.

South America


Lonely Planet

has been set up a section withinfo on embassies and where to donate money - Ways to Help the Survivors (

UN World Tourism Organization

(As reported by Associated Press) Delegates were expected to approve the Phuket Action Plan (, a set of guidelines for luring tourists back to four countries still reeling from the disaster - Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indonesia - at the close of talks organized by the UN World Tourism Organization.

  • Kofi Annan's envoy ( to be former US president Bill Clinton.
  • chart of UN groups ( and their respective missions in aiding tsunami regions