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We know of (forthcoming) conferences that will deal with broadcasting issues following the aftermath Asian Earthquake.

Dart Center Conference April 15th

The Dart Center will host an April 15 conference at the University of Washington in Seattle to explore lessons learned for journalists in the aftermath of the South Asian tsunami, and identify the next steps in covering the social, political and economic fallout of the disaster. The special panel discussion will include:

Chris Cramer, managing director, CNN International Sarah Ward-Lilley, managing editor, newsgathering, BBC News Nurdin Hasan, political editor, Serambi Indonesia Daily Kimina Lyall, Southwest Asia correspondent for The Australian Barry Petersen, Tokyo bureau chief, CBS News

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Asia Media Summit 2005:9-11 May 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Special Session on:

  • Broader Casting of the actors in Natural Disasters Mitigation
  • The role of broadcasters at the time of national/regional disasters; earthquakes, tsunamis.

The loss of human lives and the destruction to property in the wake of the recent earthquake and the devastating tsunami are beyond comprehension. The silver lining in this dark hour is the magnitude and the magnanimity of the response from the people all over the world. And let us not forget, this was made possible by the media. This calls attention to the role and responsibility of broadcasters in such situations.

There are lessons to be learned. And questions that we need to ask ourselves. Could the broadcasters have helped in averting the extent of the disaster? How sensitive and ethical was the coverage? What are the networks to be formed so that we are able to prevent and mitigate such calamities in the future? How can we prepare the communities to manage such catastrophes?

The Asia Media Summit 2005, will include a session to discuss matters related to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Asian Countries with a view to come up with strategies on how broadcasters could deal with natural hazards and disasters - efficiently and effectively.

Speakers from Radio and Television of the affected countries will share their views and experiences on how they responded to such tragedy. Academic experts will give insights on natural hazards and warning systems. Media critics will evaluate the coverage.

Javad Mottaghi
Asia-Pacific Institute For Broadcasting Development (AIBD)
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News Xchange 2005


This (primarily TV) conference will take place in Amsterdam, November 10-11th 2005, underwritten by the EBU. It is traditional that the conference looks back at the major stories of the past year and examines how the media covered them. Last year, the Head of the BBC’s Arabic Service represented EBU INTERNATIONAL RADIO GROUP in the discussions.