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RTB-Brunei launches tsunami charity CD

Radio Television Brunei has launched a charity CD to raise money for victims of the Asian tsunami disaster. The CD, called Asia Aid Hari Baru, features four songs specially composed by local songwriters as a tribute to the tsunami victims, the Borneo Bulletin reported. The charity CD is also available from RTB for 7.00 Brunei dollars (just over US$4.00). Brunei was not hit by the tsunami but has sent 17 tonnes of aid to Indonesia's devastated Aceh province along with a team of specialists and volunteers.

RTB-Brunei holds tsunami charity concert

More than 60 local artistes took part in a charity concert staged by Radio Television Brunei on 12 February to raise funds for survivors of the tsunami. All proceeds from the three-hour show, held near the capital Bandar Seri Begawan, will be channeled to countries affected by the disaster, the Borneo Bulletin reported. Radio Brunei’s Pelangi youth network organised the concert. Afterwards, RTB’s Assistant Head of Radio Programmes, Haji Bahmin Haji Hamdan, presented a cheque for the proceeds to a Brunei official. Music videos of two of the tracks will be released soon.


China Radio International

As yet, no details on how CRI is offering assistance to overseas broadcasters, However, the English section of the overseas service, China Radio International, has a very comprehensive website ( covering the disaster across the Asian region. Worth a look..

Hong Kong

RTHK-Hong Kong to collect 30,000 radio sets for tsunami survivors

RTHK-Hong Kong is working with Salvation Army Hong Kong to collect 30,000 radio sets from the public by the end of March, following an appeal by the ABU to donate battery-powered radio sets to survivors of the Asian tsunami. The broadcaster has been making on-air appeals since 8 March to encourage the people of Hong Kong to drop off usable radio sets at RTHK as well as 10 Salvation Army collection centres across the city.

Through the "RTHK & ABU Radio Aid" campaign, the station expects to deliver the first batch of radio sets to Aceh in Sumatra soon with the help of Indonesian national carrier Garuda Indonesia. It's not just about giving away radio sets. We believe it's about giving the survivors a chance to access important news about their country and the outside world," RTHK Director of Broadcasting Chu Pui Hing told the media.

Other RTHK initiatives

RTHK is co-organising several fund-raising drives with other organisations in Hong Kong and mainland China in support of relief efforts being undertaken by humanitarian aid groups such as Hong Kong & China Red Cross, World Vision, Unicef, Oxfam, Salvation Army and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

A special website,, has also been set up to offer updated news, useful contact and information about the fund raising campaigns in the city.

RTHK said reporters and tv crews were sent to affected areas to provide daily news updates as well as produce a series of “Tsunami Special” programmes providing comprehensive coverage on the relief efforts and reconstruction of the tsunami-hit areas. Its radio channels have also been making on-air donation appeals to the public.

The station also provided a “pool feed” for one of the fund raising programmes to 40 local and regional broadcasters, news agencies and mobile operators to highlight the disaster and encourage more donations.

RTHK Special Programme on Tsunami - Hong Connection: Aceh in Ruins

RTHK Hong Kong is offering a 22-minute programme on tsunami titled - "Hong Connection: Aceh in Ruins". Aceh Province in Indonesia was the hardest hit by the earthquake and the tsunami on Dec 26 last year, with about 300,000 people dead or unknown. Aceh is situated in the northwest of the island of Sumatra. The province is a diverse community comprised of different races and cultures including Chinese Indonesians.

This programme includes segments on:

How are the people affected by the tsunami? How are they trying to rebuild their lives?

The people of Aceh understandably still stunned. But some are determined to rebuild their community. This programme focuses on how the ordinary people in Aceh cope with the aftermath of the tsunami.

Distribution of programme: The final version of the programme is available in English on Betacam PAL format. Copies will be given free to the members from the tsunami hit countries only. Other interested parties will have to bear the cost of dubbing and shipment.

Download Form (


Haruo Sakitsu
Director, Programme Department
Tel: +60 322822480
Fax: +60 322824606
E-mail: sakitsu.h AT


NHK Workshop for broadcasters

Asian broadcasters call for quicker disaster information flow

In the wake of the tsunami, a meeting of Asian broadcasters in Tokyo has called for faster disaster warnings from authorities in Asia. Participants of the meeting said ways of receiving prompt warnings from Asian governments and international agencies must be established. They said it took too long for some broadcasters to be able to confirm the early information they received about the 26 December tsunami from non-official sources.

The three-day workshop on Natural Disasters and the Broadcaster’s Role was organised by Japan’s public broadcaster NHK and the ABU. It brought together about 40 broadcasters from across Asia, including senior representatives of national broadcasters in the four worst-hit countries – Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

In a final declaration issued on 2 March, it was noted that fast, accurate information from government agencies would enable broadcasters to report the true magnitude of a disaster promptly without sensationalising it. Broadcasters had a duty to calm people down and prevent panic and the spread of rumours after a natural disaster struck, the declaration said.

It was also the role of broadcasters to educate people about the nature of natural disasters. Before 26 December, most people knew little about tsunamis and the devastation they could cause, the declaration noted.

NHK Tsunami Special - Complete Picture of Tsunami

An In-depth Report on the Indian Ocean Tsunami

NHK-Japan is offering a 30-minute programme on tsunami titled - "A Complete Picture of Tsunami: An In-depth Report on the Indian Ocean Tsunami". The giant tsunami that swept coastlines around the Indian Ocean on December 26th, 2004, showed again the importance of precautionary measures. This special programme looks at the latest results of tsunami studies in Japan, a nation of many earthquakes and tsunami, as well as how tsunami are formed and disaster control measures.

This programme includes segments on:

· What is a tsunami? · How does it happen? · How can it take so many lives in a matter of seconds? · And what can we do to cope with such a natural disaster?

Distribution of programme:

NHK will distribute the programme via satellite at the end of January. Details of the satellite transmission is to be advised. This programme is a final mixed version with English narration. NHK will provide the English scripts. NHK will provide a clean copy with international sound at a later date (possibly early February), for members to broadcast the programme in their own language.

Download form (


Haruo Sakitsu
Director, Programme Department

Republic of Korea


On Jan 15th, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) launched a special fund-raising programme to help the millions of people affected by the tsunami that struck several parts of Asia last month.

The fund-raising programme, Asia in Unity : Overcoming the Tsunami Disaster, was broadcast live on KBS TV-1 on 13 January. KBS said the programme has provided an opportunity for Korean audiences to take part in helping to reconstruct areas hit by the tsunami. The show reached out to various Korean communities which donated via several means including the ARS (Automatic Response System) and the telephone.


Korea's Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), a full member of the ABU broadcast a special live fund raiser programme on January 12 to raise funds for the relief efforts for the tsunami tragedy. Korea Broadcasters Association will collect the funds that will be conveyed to Korea's Red Cross and each Red Cross in the affected countries.


Ms Lee Ju-Yeon
External Relations Officer, MBC 
Tel: +82-2-789-2868
Fax: +82-2-782-3094
E-mail: jylee AT


Radio Televisyen Malaysia will broadcast 24h during disasters

Malaysia's Deputy Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, says that in future Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) will broadcast 24 hours if any natural disaster like an earthquake or a tsunami occurs. He said that RTM, through TV1, is capable of broadcasting such events with the technical support of its engineering division and its newsroom. "We have the mechanism to broadcast 24 hours as we have done it recently during the Sumatra earthquake," he said. Zainuddin was responding to recent criticisms by MPs over the delays by RTM in informing the public about the earthquake and tsunami warnings.

Radio Station 988

"The 988 Red Drive of Love", held on Saturday 15th January, was a race to see who could collect the largest amount of money for the tsunami victims. Radio Station 988 gathered its loyal listeners to participate in the fundraising event held at four malls in the Klang Valley. The participants paid a registration fee of RM98 and then raced around the complex to collect donations from shoppers within the stipulated one hour. The team with the most funds raised was given a token of appreciation. The charity drive raised RM24,846.47 (US$6,538).

The station’s advertising and promotions supervisor Lim Pui Yen said 988 decided to convert its annual "Red Hunt" treasure hunt to a charity drive to help raise funds for the victims of the Dec 26 tsunami. She hopes the drive, co-organised with Eu Yan Sang, will raise RM50,000 (US$13,158) throughout its two-week campaign to also be held in Seremban, Johor Baru, Kuantan and Penang. Lim said the cash donations and registration fees would be handed over to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

TV3 Malaysia

Over US$7.9 million has been raised through the Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund established by TV3, 8TV and associate companies New Straits Times and Berita Harian under the Media Prima Berhad group. The group partnered with Celcom, a local telecommunications company to enable the public to donate to the fund via text messaging.

In addition to the establishment of the fund, an entourage comprising 50 TV3 and 8TV employees, led by Media Prima Berhad’s group managing director and other senior executives, visited the affected states and distributed goods in kind worth US $13,160 while renowned counsellors and local celebrities were present to offer moral support to the survivors.

Several TV3 in-house programmes were also present on-site throughout the activities to provide `live’ telecast and crossovers as well as up-to-date coverage on the tsunami tragedy. Meanwhile, up-and-coming artistes from TV3’s in-house talent programme also paid a visit to one of the temporary relief centres in the northern states of Malaysia.

Other national fund raising initiatives include a charity concert, jointly organised with the Malaysian Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, and the production of a ‘royalty-free’ song and music video to raise funds from the public via the sale of CD/cassettes and downloaded content via mobile phones and the internet as well as to encourage corporate donations. The Media Prima Berhad group has also established an additional fund in collaboration with the Malaysian Foreign Ministry for the disaster.

Sri Lanka

SLRC-Sri Lanka commends staff on tsunami response

The Chairman of Sri Lanka’s national broadcaster, the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), has commended his staff on the way they responded to the tsunami disaster. In an interview with the Sunday Observer marking SLRC’s 23rd anniversary, M M Zuhair described their response as excellent, not only in informing the public but in mobilising the people to come to the assistance of the victims.

SLRC organised a major relief operation after on-air appeals brought in big donations. It sent more than 200 lorry loads of food, clothing and medicine to badly hit areas in the island's north, east and south. The tsunami killed more than 30,000 people in Sri Lanka.

SLRC was established in 1982 with assistance from the Japanese government. It is a member of both the ABU and Asiavision, the ABU’s daily television news exchange.

Tsunami Sri Lanka Appeal on Tribute Site to Vernon Corea

The late Vernon Corea was one of the great broadcasters of Radio Ceylon and the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. A tsunami appeal for the victims of the tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka was launched on the tribute site to Vernon Corea - The tsunami appeal is from the Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka who are not collecting funds themselves but are working with the Rotary Club Colombo Regency in reaching out to the victims in the affected areas of the island.

Radio Ceylon is the oldest radio station in South Asia. It is now known as the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

(Source: Vernon Corea The Golden Voice of Radio Ceylon Site)


National Telecommunications Commission

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) will reserve some satellite and fibre-optic frequencies, set up emergency lines and establish a radio-communications network in order to prevent another total communications breakdown during a disaster or terrorist attack. NTC member Prasit Prapinmongkolkarn said that the commission, relevant government agencies and the private sector concluded these would be the best backup measures to prevent public panic in case of an emergency.

The meeting was held in response to the total loss of communications following the 26 December tsunami. The matter will be proposed to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) within 30 days. He said the NTC has the power to approve backup communications channels without having to wait for the establishment of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

"The best way to reach a large portion of the public is via satellite television transmission, which is within the NTC's authority to set up on its own initiative in case of national emergency, in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act 2001," he said. However, the commission has not yet decided on a frequency-rental fee for the iPSTAR satellite to be launched later this year, he said.

(Source: The Nation web site, Bangkok, 14 Jan 05)