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WARNING: Due to the wiki's open and collaborative nature, it cannot guarantee the veracity of outside links or the absence of possible scams involving charities, thus the potential danger of fraud exists. In particular, beware of bogus organizations that have names similar to those of well-known aid agencies. Also beware of unsolicited emails that ask for your donation online. For those who want to make a donation, the most secure channels are established web sites and well-publicized telephone hotlines.

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By Expertise

  • Forensic
    • Dr.Pornthip Rojanasuand and a team of Forensic experts from the Central Forensic Institute in Bangkok are racing against time in collecting DNA/hair samples of unidentified bodies before burial or cremation. She has vowed to not let a single body be cremated or buried without proper DNA collection for further identification. Please email us ( if you are a forensic specialist
  • Medical one-year ( withSurfaid (
  • speakers of Bahasan Indonesian (, also with Surfaid (

By location

Bandeh Aceh, Indonesia

  • Medical and linguistic (
    • one-year commitment for medical staff.
    • and volunteers, who can communicate in basic Bahasan Indonesian.
    • (The sponsor, Surfaid, has been covered in a regional newspaper ( in San Diego, in CNN (, and elsewhere (

Dave Ketcham (, the director of Information Technology at North Coast Church in Vista, has been in Banda Aceh, Indonesia for nearly a month, working to set up a PACTECcommunications center for relief workers (; [m]onthly bandwidth costs to keep the $25,000 center up and running are more than $3,000, and the first two months of service ( are being donated by Loral Skynet (, a communications and satellite service provider. (27 Feb 2022)



San Diego fire survivors volunteer ( Richard Durrell, a 65-year-old retired tree surgeon, is one of a dozen people who will travel to India with Victory Worldquest (, a Christian relief organization based in Harbison Canyon, an area burned out in the 2003 firestorm. The travelers will pay their own expenses, and the group hopes to raise $33,000 to buy food and supplies for survivors of the Dec. 27 tsunamis, said coordinator Dane Muhlig. March 2005


  • Collection and Information Team: This team will handle calls,

receive donations of money, clothes, medicines, blankets and vessels and send receipts, give information on the current status of relief work. This team will also give out press releases, send out email reports and call for further donations based on the needs. This is the team that people from outside must contact.

  • Allocation and Distribution: This team will get the needs from

various field locations, sort the materials collected, divide it up for different locations based on the need and send it to the field coordinators for distribution.

  • Field Team: In each area we have a team of volunteers who will be

coordinating the relief efforts and distribution of materials.

  • The people to contact are:

Bharati/Manohar/Hari (AID office) 044-28350403 Ravishankar (IIT Prof) 94440-84910 Chandra Anil 9382330752,044-28350403 Smitha Kalyani 98401-73800 Vibha Ravindran 98402-63275

ADDRESS : AIDINDIA , 20/34 , Rathinam Street , off Avvai Shanmugam road (near Besant Street) , Gopalapuram , Chennai

  • College Students / Office Workers Can also volunteer after college/office hours , full time help preferable.

Pump Stoves for families in Nagapattinam

A team of 19 volunteers are working with local district officials towards getting a pump stove to each family in the Nagapattinam area. There is a requirement for 7000-7500 units. Each pump stove at wholesale market price works out to be Rs.125 (Roughly 3 US Dollars).

Folks willing to sponsor stoves (any number, even just one), please contact Deepak at 98450-35560 (Bangalore number). You can buy the stoves yourself and hand them over to him or if you are free, you may accompany the group. They need volunteers who can help.

Updated by: balak 07:03, 20 Jan 2022 (CET)


Airline Miles

Thanks to our reader (, here's how you can donate your airline miles to help Tsunami Victims:

Feeling a little cash strapped and still want to help? Got airline miles kicking around? You can donate airline mileage to The Red Cross,OxFam, Unicef and others through links provided below:

[1] ( Continental Airlines] Accepts donations for American Red Cross, AmeriCares, Careforce and Healing the Children. They make it really easy, you just log in and donate.

Delta ( Accepts donations for The United Way and CARE. They have an automated telephone system you an call, at 1-800-325-3999. You can also email them at You need to include your SkyMiles account number, the amount of mileage you wish to donate, and the name of the organization you want to receive your donation.

Northwest Airlines ( You can donate your WorldPerks miles to the Red Cross, AmeriCares, Habitat for Humanity, OxFam and Unicef by contacting Northwest directly at 1-800-327-2881. Minimum donation is 5000 miles.

United Airlinesaccepts (,,1363,00.html) donations to the Red Cross. To donate, call Mileage Plus Customer Service at 1-800-421-4655.

Asia Mileswill (,,22535_73968_eng_,00.html) let you contribute your miles to Unicef. Click on the link and download a donation form. Minimum donation 10,000 miles.

American Airlines ( you to donate AAdvantage miles to provide transportation for children who require medical treatment. You can donate online or call Customer Service at 1-800-421-0600.

C'mon. You know they're only going to expire.

In Kind Donations

All proceeds go to disaster relief

  • Bradbury Software ( - From Nick Bradbury: Buy FeedDemon or TopStyle software (until the end of the month) and send the amount you pay to the disaster relief.
  • Sri Lanka Outreach Team ( - A group of American College Students & Young adults who dropped everything and went to Sri Lanka to help, as most of the NGO relief organizations that they work with have enough money but not enough workers to see the supplies distributed. Any money donated goes directly to keeping them in Sri Lanka so that they can continue this important work.