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WARNING: Due to the wiki's open and collaborative nature, it cannot guarantee the veracity of outside links or the absence of possible scams involving charities, thus the potential danger of fraud exists. In particular, beware of bogus organizations that have names similar to those of well-known aid agencies. Also beware of unsolicited emails that ask for your donation online. For those who want to make a donation, the most secure channels are established web sites and well-publicized telephone hotlines.

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  • Kepala Biro Umum bidang Kesra Name: I Nyoman Meweh Account in BNI Cab Harmoni: 07 000 311 2717 911
  • Indonesian Red Cross - BCA Branch Menara Bidakara number 450.666.000.9


  • Aceh IT Media Centre ( A medium to channel all concerns and support to the Aceh Earthquake/Tsunami Victims and Survivors
  • Father Sandyawan Sumardi - Contact Number: 62-(0)8128774044
  • Shirly Suhenda or I. Sandyawan Sumardi - BCA Branch Matraman number 342 230 4891
  • GlobalGiving ( - Directly support relief and reconstruction projects in Indonesia - 7121 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814 Tel: (301) 652-8455 Fax: (301)652-8420 email: website:

Our Relief Center/Posko Kita BANDA ACEH

OUR RELIEF CENTER/POSKO KITA has been established in Banda Aceh by Indonesian NGOs including Perempuan Peka, Solidaritas Perempuan (Women's Solidarity), YBUL, NADI.

Posko Kita is a member of the Civil Socity Coalition for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims (Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil untuk Korban Tsunami) and are coordinating closely with other relief efforts including those of IDEP, MSF, Walhi and Greenpeace. Posko Kita has set up a refuge, medical facility, soup kitchen and communications and volunteer coordination center. Their goal is to generate and oversee the smooth deployment of 500 volunteers.

Posko Kita is an all-volunteer network operating in Sumatra (Banda Aceh, Medan) and Jakarta with close links to extensive networks of community activists. In the last three days, close to 100 volunteers have begun arriving in Banda Aceh. Their goal is to have a weekly total of 500 volunteers, primarily from local communities in Sumatra, including fishing villages. They have also recruited doctors. They have mapped out the location and number of refugee camps, number of people occupying the camps and their needs. They have set up a field clinic and a field kitchen. With time, their focus will increasingly fall on the specific needs of women and children who are often underserved in these circumstances.

Posko Kita activities: go to for latest info on what is needed

  • identification, training, coordination, allocation of volunteers
    • focus on volunteers from Sumatra,including villagers and fishers,nurses, doctors; coordination of volunteers from Medan and Jakarta;
  • obtaining and distribution of supplies: food, medical supplies, gloves, masks, body bags
  • operation of soup kitchen, field clinic
  • finding of missing activists
  • fundraising

Posko Kita is coordinating with many NGO efforts including:

  • The Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace ship carrying Medecins Sans Frontieres staff, medical supplies, doctors and sanitation experts currently heading for Aceh. Under the direction of MSF Belgium, the Rainbow Warrior will work in the coastal areas of North Sumatra and Aceh for a month.
  • An Australian surf company based in Padang, West Sumatra with two 60 ton vessels available for emergency relief.

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  • Padang FM Appeal

Items needed include bottled water, rice, matches, cooking ware, tarps, tents, medical supplies and more: Chris and Chris at Hotel Batan Arau are ready to store material, food and equipment until these can be loaded on boats. Padang residents can drop aid packages at: Hotel Batang Arau, Jl Batang Arau No 33. Phone 27400 In Indonesia - Mail to PT Mentawai Wisata Bahari Jl Kesatria No. 6 Ganting, Padang West Sumatra


  • Dompet Dhuafa (Republika Newspaper) - Account in Bank Syariah Mandiri number 004 002 990 7
  • Hard Rock Radio - BCA Branch Radio Dalam number 219 301 1144
  • Indosiar TV Station - in BCA number 001-304-0009
  • Kompas Newspaper - Account in BCA Branch Gajah Mada number 012 301 6600
  • Media Indonesia Newspaper Account in BCA Branch Kedoya Baru number 309 3007979
  • RCTI TV Station - Account in BCA number 128-300-7000
  • SCTV TV Station - : Kotak Pundi Amal Account in BCA Branch Wisma Asia number 084 266 2000

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